Repost: Nefarious Official Trailer (2023) – In Theaters April 14th

Click here to listen to an interview with the creators of the movie.

There are many who do not believe in the existence of a literal devil.

Jesus taught that behind the scenes of the visible world is “the thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10a).”

This movie opens people’s eyes.

Without understanding that there is a literal enemy that wants to take people to an actual hell, people don’t understand the need for salvation. Man is already on his way to hell simply by virtue of being born in trespasses and sins due to the Fall in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus made the way of escape.

Because evolution is taught in the schools, many people do not understand the true origin of the human race. God created man and gave him dominion over the world. Satan, who had been thrown out of heaven for attempting a coup, instigated a coup on the earth. That brought about the Fall. Sin, sickness, and death entered the world. Mankind has been under that curse ever since, passed on from generation to generation. Only Jesus offers the way of escape.

Intellectuals have relegated the devil to the realm of myth. This movie helps break that spell.

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